Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hi Girlfriends
This has been a very full week for me and mine
After returning from the coast on Sunday I had a little cleaning and straighten
to do around the house because the Senior was home alone this week end.
Monday the Friday Girls headed for the Warrenton Spring Antique Show
What a Day!!!
We had a wonderful time shopping all day
of course we didn’t get to see half of what there is to see at the show
So we decided to come back on Wednesday to pick up where we left off
Here are some pictures of what we saw on our Wednesday outing
I forgot my camera on Monday
so please check out Kim’s Blog for pictures of Monday
Us girls have to look out for one another

OK she gets away for us every once and a while

There was some very strange stuff going on with dolls this year

This both was just simply scary

These sweet Girlfriends are from Corrabelle Roose Their little tent could have easily belong to us, it was filled with all our favorites You can find some of their pretties at


Thats all folk