Saturday, August 23, 2008

What I Did Today

Hi Friends
I've been a busy bee today cleaning the guest bedroom. I have so many boxes to go throw and garage sale stuff to mark. I also posted alot of ebay things today.

This is just a hand full of the things I'm sorting though

I also cleaned out my closet. It is a challenge to find room for all my stuff in the apartment.

I finely got around to taking my "Bathroom Beauty Snapper" picture
Shelia at
Note Songs hosts the fun challenge, you can find her on my side bar in my favorite places to visit. Everytime I got out of the house today I keep forgeting my camra sooo this picture was taken in my bathroom.

Shelia has one of the niceist blogs to visit. She is full of great ideas and OMG she has alot of friends. Please go by her place and take a peek at what she's up too today. Will thats all for tonight,

Sleep tight

Love Julia