Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Before the Storm

Alex has nothing on POC
These pics where taken yesterday afternoon

I like combing the beach
Ethan likes to sweep the beach



Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spending Time With Christopher

Our little grandson Christopher loves guacamole

But I think Christopher loves eating with his Popo even more

 After a little snack its time for a nap 


Garage Sale Finds

Came away from a great garage sale with some
real finds


In The Begaining

We attended Calum's college embark
His future home is Concordia University Of Austin
at least for the next 4 years

It was a great two days and Calum got all his
class's picked out


Its going to be a great 4 years!!

Blessed Julia

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My first attempt a making a slip coverHere is the finshed table that I painted the other day

This is how it all begain

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Its summer time and this is no time for feeling sluggish and tried. There are too many wonderful things to be doing around here to be sitting on the couch feeling like poo.
. The Captain and I have been eating like a king and queen lately, sooo I’ve put on a few pounds and feeling pretty sluggish.
Just take a look at these finger licking good ribs

Home made potatoes salad

Not to mention The Worlds Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
and I no longer have to share with the boys

Five years ago before a surgery I tried a Total Master Cleanse to free up my system for the procedure. It wasn’t easy but after it was all said and done I felt really good and lost about 7lbs. There are all kinds of detox programs you can try… everything from pills to just plain water fasting. That’s not for me!!!! I’m going to do a 3 day liquid fast and them 7 day fruit and veggie fast. At the end of 10 days I can start my healthy eating diet.

you can find the recipe by going here.......

These are my favorite bands when trying this detox.....most of these product can be found at Whole Foods

Drink Up