Friday, April 3, 2009

The Rollercoast

Hi there friends and family'
I just wanted to let you know that I will be taking a brake
from blog land for about a week or so,
Why you ask?
Have you ever hard of the roller coaster of life?
That's the ride I 'm on right now.
It can be the most exciting time of your life as well as the most scary.
I am in the middle of hunting season and I'm on a natural high
from shopping for unique finds and bargains.
How ever today took me by surprise.
Tamaria and I got an early start this morning,
we where on our way to town to scout for garage sales
before second chance opened.
Coffee in our hand and a plan in action.
We were discussing what sale to hit first
and not to forget to stop at the ATM and bathroom brake
before second chance.
Coffee went everywhere...
the news paper flew in the air...
I screamed What did we hit.
[Don't forget I live in Austin now,
when you feel a bump like that
it could be a bicycler or a homeless person.]
Tamaria screamed...I hit a deer!!!
OMG I hit a deer!!!
We were not hurt and after pulling over
and gaining control over our amazement
we turned around to get my truck...
did you forget we had a plan... remember?
After a quick change of clothers we where on our way again.
Here is a few pictures of the car and the coffee mess.

What a mess....
Any way....
about 30 min. later I got a call from my sweet daughter in-law.
She goes on to tell me ...
I'm Okay but....
These words always make my heart skip a beat.
{ She is 100 months PG and ready to drop that baby any day now}
Early this morning , about 2:45 the kids went to the emergency.
Leigh was having chest pains and knew that wasn't normal....
She had high blood pressure and lots of fluid retention.
They decided to admit her into the labor and delivery room for observation.
I dont think they will be living this place
with out my grandson..
Looks like we are here for the long haul.
I'm just waiting....

For all you Mommies.... Remember this?
I'm prepared for the all nighter.
Daddy to - be tyring to get alittle shut eye
So now do ya understand...what I mean by the roller coaster of life?
This is where I'm climbing the highest track ... right before the biggest drop....
I'm ready!
I'm gonna be a NANA!