Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I have some good pics from Sunday. DH and I along with the boys ,went to Church and had lunch afterwards. I also invited my Sister and her MF( man friend ) and Nicky, my sweet little man for lunch and a swim. We all enjoyed some homemade soup and sandwich's....complements of my DH. It was wonderful to have everyone over...It was a great end to a good week.

There is always music when the boys around

Little Yada loves to watch the show

The boys where realy enjoying just being together

I feel so blessed that they are so close

They were playing some kind of game where you have to guess what the other is saying under water...If you get it worng you get a punch in the arm.

My little man Nicky with his Uncle ...My DH

Father and Son having alittle fun

Looks like they are danceing

Some how the tables always turn on Dear Old Dad

Thats enough till next time

Love Julia