Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Little Somthing Just For Me

Things I like about myself
I’m comfortable in my own skin
My feet { a little cubby }
My hair with a good cut
My laugh
My passionate love for my family
My way of letting {IT} go
The way I can embellish a simple story
My since of humor
The way the littlest things can make me happy
The way I can dig to the bottom of a box for the best find at a garage sale
My handwriting
My nesting ability
The way I can make a great sandwich and salad at home

My Sweet Iced Mint Tea

To Do List For Today

{ In My Dreams }

Sleep Late
Enjoy my sweet creamy coffee on the porch
Surf the web
Play PoGo

Lunch at Kathy’s
After Lunch
Unload boxes form truck
Clean truck out
Spray weeds on the drive way
Pull weeds in flower beds
Surf the web
Call my Aunt Alma in California
Dinner at Kathy’s
Unpack some boxes
Watch TV
Stay up way tooo late

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