Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A day in the life of Christopher

Christopher arrives at Nana's home at around 6:30 am
He watches his favorite cartoons before his morning napLunch time
Christoper is 4 1/2 months old
and just started getting a taste
of his first fruits.
He loves them just like his daddy did.


Mommy comes home for lunch to play with me
I love this time!
Christopher says
" I know my bib says Single but I'm taken"
Nap time after Mommy leaves for work
That's his favorite nap time toy Dinomight
After dinner and everyone is doing their thing...
computer time, tv time, homework what ever....
I get a bath
Watch the camra Nana,
I dont want anything to show that shouldnt
A baby lotion massage and clean dippar
and then off to bed

Good Night


Anonymous said...

You are having waaayyy too much fun!!

I am so happy that you get to spend so much time with your grandbaby. One day.....


Kim said...

I love that kids hair!

Blushing hostess said...

Yes, minei s just six months and has only now been willing to eat food - we're on oats and apples... exciting!