Saturday, November 10, 2007

School Sprite

Picture in your mind some of the best moments of your life!
Hanging out with friends from school, playing your favorite sport, doing the things you love...drama, shop, band, and more.
Our school spirit ties all these things together. Friends we make in school sometimes last for ever and more often then not, grow their separate ways.
However at Scared Heart Catholic School, friends are family.
At the football game last night, Aaron and his friends showed the school sprite by painting
themself blue to support their class mates on the field.

At The School Gate
By Paul Mc Cann
There is a weekday ritual to which I can relate.The primary school at three o’clock , waiting at the gate.The who's who and the what's new of our small community,as children come out from school inhibitedly free .They are looking for a face,to be there it is great .As all the Mums and Dads stand there ,I join them at the gate .I reach out with both my arms to greet my little son .We walk to where the car is parked ,before the buses come .As it happens once again ,school has finished for the day .The children have learnt their lessons ,teachers have earned their pay .As time goes by my son will grow ,and I shall leave the gate .For he will make his own way home ,to where I'll sit and wait .

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Kim said...

Speaking of weirdos! LOL It looks like they were having a ball! Did you hose them off in the yard before you let them in the house?