Friday, November 2, 2007

The Girl Fridays got an early start this morning, after fueling up on strong coffee we checked out the paper and found there where about seven garage sales. We all found a few goodies but Kim was the lucky one today. She found a vintage Levi Strauss Blue Jean Jacket to resale on Ebay. Kim was doing the victory dance for sure!
We had lunch at the usual place and headed home to end a great day of friendship and fun. Here are a few photos of my finds .

Shake that thing girl


Anna said...

Ahh, looks like you guys are doing what you do best....SHOPPING!!

Kim said...

You really could have gotten a better pic of my butt. I KNOW my butt looks better than that-in fact that's not my butt-it must have been photo-shopped in. Thanks a lot.