Monday, December 24, 2007

Part 1 Pre-Christmas Feast

Welcome to a sneak peek of our Pre-Christmas Get together on Saturday Aaron,Me,Donnie,Calum and Josh{standing}

Wow What A Day!

I hope you all had a charmed day. This day has been wonderfully full; it almost felt like three days in one. It started with a quick shopping trip with my parent on the way to my Great Aunt City’s and Uncle Boots’s home for a Pre-Christmas Feast. My Dad dropped Mom and Myself off at JCPenny’s, while He waited in the car. I guess he thought that would make us spend less. Hehe Mom and I can cover a lot of area in a little time.

I know that three days before Christmas is not exactly the time to be shopping for myself BUT , there was a sale on purse’s and I have been having withdrawals. I picked up this fabulous bag for Me Me Me.

This bag is as big as a dippar bag

At 20 something this would make a good dippar bag , but at 40 something , I hate to say it but it still makes a good dippar bag or depends bag. hehehe
After a little shopping we made a few more stops and off to Aunties we went. Here are a few pictures of our Pre-Christmas feast.

Finger Food!!

Yvette and Uncle Boots

Mom and Aunt Joy
Me and Yvette
Me and Anna
Me Yvette Anna and Emma
Nick Ethan and Emma
Snack Time

The kiddos played out side in the dirt with their toys while we had coffee inside.

Will friends, there will be a part 2 to this post because like I said this day was very full of pre-Christmas activities.

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