Monday, December 3, 2007

Shabby Chic Crap Sale

We finely had our Shabby Chic Crap Sale this weekend. It went pretty good, it is amazing what people will buy at a tag sale. Kim had some great pictures of the sale on her blog please go by and visit my friend Kim at
Here is a virtual shopping trip at our sale. Hope you enjoy.
It was pretty foggy and wet in the morning, so our price tags where falling off.
Who needs this meny rubber bands?

Yes this little monkey sold for only 25 cents. What a buy!hehehe

Will thats all for now. I leave with my dear friend Kim for a three day get away. I'll take lots of pictures of our adventures.


kim said...

I don't know who needs that many rubberbands but somebody did buy them! And it wasn't a crap sale thank you it was a "crap boutique". I just put the stink eye on you and said 'whatever'. It was with love of course.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez I love all your little goodies they look so yummy, too bad I couldn't come!! I hope you did well.