Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We are about to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary December 17th.
I met you on my 15th birthday and I knew then that you would be all of my firsts in life.
We have shared every adventure that life could offer us and endured every challenge that has crossed our way.
You know, I tell you I love you everyday but have I said THANK YOU lately?
Thank you for simply being you. You have been my best friend, my mentor, my knight and shining armoire, my lover, the father of my greatest joys {our sons}.
Thank you for 24 years of fun, happiness, joy, excitement, adventure and firsts. It’s never been boring. Here’s to the next 24 years sweetie. Prom 1979

December 17,1983

Life is a piece of cake

What is he soooo happy about?




Tony said...

Your hubby rides a nice bike!! Best to both of you and your family.

Kim said...

Aww how sweet-I particularly like the pic of the 2 of you with matching farmers tans.