Sunday, January 13, 2008

Friday Finds

Hi All Happy Sunday

Its time to catch up on days gone by.
The day’s have just flown by, The Friday Girls where out and about on Friday. We went to the usual places and did the normal Friday thing. AND IT WAS WOUNDERFUL!!!!! I really look forward to Fridays with the girls, all week long. We started our day out with the normal chit chat and complaining or as we call it “the bitch session” and then the smiles and laughter began. There really isn’t anything like girl friends, you can just let it all out and forget about all your problems. The best part is they won’t even hold your stupidity against you. Here are a few pictures of my Friday Finds. I think that I’m going to brake down and open an ebay account, because I am running out of room for all of these beautiful things.

Happy Shopping To All!!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Yes, I am cetain you took those card from MY pile.