Thursday, January 3, 2008

I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!! It’s Friday and we will be off to second chance. I haven’t been hunting in about 3 weeks and I’m dreaming about it already. I hope and wish for all kinds of wonderful finds for little to nothing in change. I know one thing for sure; I’ll be hunting for small jewels for my Sweetheart box. My mind is telling me to get my hands involved in some kind of craft or art but with my family moving soon; it has put my heart on hold. I have been endlessly wondering though everyone’s blogs and envying those of you that are crafters. I have the need for glue, glitter and paint under my finger nails. I hate to get in the middle of some kind of fantastic art work and the realtor call for an open house. I can just see it now, the kitchen table full of glitter and paper and nowhere to go with it. I guess I could go over to my understanding friend Kim and use here dinning table. That’s an idea. In the mean time I’ll just keep wondering though blog land finding all kinds of ideas to put in my Sweetheart box.
Buy for now hugs and kisses, julia

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Kim said...

My table is always full of glue and glitter anyway! In fact if I were house hunting, a little glitter just might seal the deal! LOL Come craft with me~the hooligans go back to school Mon-the house is a mess anyway-we may as well have a little fun in it! See ya tomorrow-yes the babysitter is coming-woohoo :)