Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oh my , I forgot to post pictures form this week end at Port O’Conner. It was so relaxing, the weather was very nice and perfect for beach combing. We have had a coastal cottage in Port O’Conner Texas for about 10 years and spend summers there when the children are out of school. This is where I concede my final destination.

These rose paintings are form a neat little shop in Port Lavaca I think I my have paid 4.00 apiece for them.

I have two of these incredible red door, they are from my Great Grandmothers home.

Calum, our youngest son works at a little Div "Joyce's" on the weekends that we are able to come down here. Here he is making me a rather yummy pancake for Sunday breakfast.

this is just a few of the treasures we found on the beach

I'm planning on " glaming with glitter" some of these sand dollars for my Sweet heart Swap
Donnie and I had lunch on the boat in the middle of the bay
It really was warm and sunny, however when your going 35 miles an hour on the water it can be very chilly.
this a dolphin at the dock
Well that was my weekend, hope you had a great one as well.


Maria said...

love teh Rose prints and the little vintage box. SO beautiful. I love your cottage.

Kim said...

I hate you.
With Love,

Kathy said...

Oh how wonderful to have a cottage like that. You must just love it! I saw the picture of the sand dollars...oh lucky me! =)