Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Finds

What a great day today has been
I got up early and painted my happy face on while
sipping on my creamy morning coffee
The Friday Girls where full of morning smiles and laughter
Our first stop was the bank of course
then La Grange here come
On the way we found a pretty good garage sale
Tamaria got a good deal on a clothes dryer
No more hanging clothes over the shower curtians on rainy days
A few more garage sales and after that it was time for Second Chance
My total bill was 19.50
here are some pictures of my treasures
I just love the Shalimar purfume bottle
its very heavey and still has a little purfume left in it
I plan on Shabby Chicing our travel trailer when we move
I think these paper lanterns will add a cute touch

My favorit find for today

there is a funny store about how this purse

became to be mine

however some things are just funnyer if your there when they happen

let me just say Thank you Tamaria


Peek of Boo

We stopped in Fayetteville where we found a few more treasures
Lunch was at The Oaks in Oldenburg
and Yes
we went back to Second Chance
for the second chance of the day
We just cant get enough of that place

On a different note:

I have started Weight Watchers to help me get back into my swim suit figure. hehehehe Positive thinking right!! I’m just going to lay it out their so I can be accountable to the whole blogging world. I weighed in at 168.2 on Monday. My short term goal is to lose 10 lbs before the Seniors graduation. I will post every Tuesday with my progress. Last nights meal was really yummy and every low in points. Here are pictures of my tasty dinner.

Pan fryed salmon and grilled asparagus

Homemade shrimp cocktail

The beautiful china is from the sale in Warrenton. There are place settings for 12 for only 35.00 and they where boxed in two wooden Del Monte boxes that are worth 35.00 each. Lucky me!!! I hope you have a charmed week end and happy hunting


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Anja said...

Hi Julia! This seems like quite the challenge for you!! I am so looking forward to this week to see what everybody's come up with! Love to see your new finds, greetings, Anja