Thursday, September 18, 2008

I cant believe its been this long since I've blogged.
Its been very crazy around here. Last week was all about getting
ready for the storm.
Good news..we were spared any damage.
This week I have been very busy at work...
most of my clients at the beauty shop where evacuees from Houston , Beaumont, and Galveston Texas.
These poor people weren't as lucky as us.
They are just waiting for the news to see if they have a home to go back to.
I feel so blessed.
On another note....
Today is my day at home to do laundry...ironing...
clean bathrooms...and try to fit in a nap somewhere.
I cannot shake the feeling that I'm living some one elses life.
Six months ago I was packing and wondering what it was going to
feel like to live some where else.
I was worried that I would be lonely and bored or scared.
Well the only thing I was wrong about is...
I'm not bored.
I still get very home sick for my old life.
I miss my best friend Kim and our morning walks and coffee.
I get really home sick for my Mom and our long talks on the phone
and last minuet launches.
It is true about "life in the big city" its fast pase.
I work on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday ....
by Wednesday night I'm beat.
Donnie usually cooks on the nights I work and I do the cleaning.
The Baby has a really busy social life so he is almost never home before 8:30. Thursday is my cleaning day and Friday is shopping and running around day. Its really quite around the house during the week without all the boys and their friends hanging around. Maybe that's where the loneliness stems from. I miss the kids and all the noise. I use to be the Mom that couldn't cook fast enough ,clean enough, or get to practice fast enough.
Now I'm just Julia.
I miss being the Go To Person in the family.
The best friend...The dependable daughter...The club mom...
The pampering wife...Personal stylist...
Will I'm still all these things just on a much smaller scale.
I should set back and enjoy the freedom right?
Not me ...
I cryed last night because I missed my boys soooo much.
Silly me....I know that if I don't hear from him
that just means he is doing Okay ...right?
When I call the Graduate on the phone....
the most I get out of him is "sorry Mom I'm really busy can I call you later?"
He sounds really happy and life is great for him right now.
My youngest boy loves his new school and he is Mr. Popularity...
this is Homecoming week at school and the Baby (youngest Son) hasn't been home before 9:00 all week.He has a date for the
Homecoming dinner and dance on Saturday.
I ask if I could go ...
He just smiled at me and said"I'm Okay Mom.. I can do this all by my self"
Part of me is so happy that he is making friends and having the time of his life the other part of me wants to set in the font set between the Baby and His date Saturday night.
Shame on me. right?
I laugh at myself...
but I really do want to go with him on his date.
The oldest Son and his future wife have alot on their plates...
with School, work, and the wedding.
My sweet DH was actually petting me like a little puppy last night
while I cryed. I could feel him laughing at me when he said
" we still have one boy at home".
My dear husband is not having the same reaction to our new life style as I am. He is loving it ... not having to share me with anyone.
I actuary went to a class last night with him to become a Security Officer.
Yes me!
Learning how to pat down concert goers and crowd control. Can you see me in the middle of a mosh pit trying to brake up a fight in the middle of a wild concert crowd?
I cry when I brake a nail.
This is even worse than when I took the motorcycle class
and nearly ran over the instructor.
Let me explain .. My 3 in. heal got stuck in the brake . LOL


I have one thing that can get me out of this Pity Party.
I'm going tell you a little secret...
Just between you and me

I'm going to be a GRANDMA!!!

Yes my SWEET OLDEST SON is going to be a Daddy.
I am sooooo excited about the new life to come into my world.
I now have a new roll to play and its just what I prayed for.
I didn't know that I actually prayed for this baby...
I asked God to please give me a new roll to play before my last baby left the nest...
I just couldn't see my self as a empty nester.
Thank You God!!
Here is a picture of the most beautiful
9 week old unborn Grandchild I've ever seen.

Ya Me!


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Kim said...

Sing it with me now: Sometimes in our lives we all have pain
We all have sorrow
But if we are wise
We know that there's always tomorrow
Lean on me...
Feel better with a little song? I'll think of a happier one later!
You'll soon find your Austin groove! Oh a happy tune just came to me-goes a little something like this...Don't worry about a thing, cause every little things gonna be alright, yada, yada something about little birds-go listen to it on my BLOG (last song)! It'll make ya feel better for sure.