Sunday, September 21, 2008

What We Did With Our Saturday

Saturdays outing was all about the Food!
We invited our Son and Fiance to the
Pecan Street Festival last night.
We love people watching and all of the

arts and crafts.

Here's what we sawThe Men started on the Kettle Corn as soon as we got thereThe Mommy To Be went straight for the good stuff

Pizza!!Remember how great everything tasted when you where PG?

Now for something sweet....Italian Gelato

Hay..... Its healthy for you!!!

There was alot of interesting music

Great Shops

More Good Food

And more Food!

Okay...this is my sons stink eye...some weirdo is talking to his women

I did manage to get into one of the pictures

This is sooo funny... But The Mommy be has a reputation of falling and tripping very easily sooo this is Josh's way of keeping an eye on her.

I guess you could say she has her own "personal guard"

We ended our evening at IHOP.... you know just in case we dont get breakfast in the morning

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun-good grief, how much stuff did you eat?! Miss you-can't wait till Friday!