Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wedding Day

Hi Friends

Here are a few pictures of

Josh and Leigh's wedding day

Josh is making sure that everything is just right for the reception

In just a few hours this sweet man will be taken

A few pictures before the wedding

Brothers Here comes the Bride

Mr. and Mrs Joshua Klesel

The Dance

My favorite part of a wedding is usually the Brides dance with her Father.

Leigh's dad couldn't stop was so sweet
A little girl in her daddy's arms
Mother and Son danceThe song we danced to was was one that Josh grow up playing on the guitar. I'v heard the words many many times... but this time they meant
sooo much more.
Simple Man by Shine Down
Well... We all had a great time and yes we all got home okay

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Kim said...

Great pics-I will "footz" with mine this weekend and try to get some posted soon. It was a beautiful wedding! Good job friend!