Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It is OK for me to change my mind

Good Morning Friends,

Just a short note this morning before I step out for the day. Julia's Junket is back for good. I thought I would start another blog for my personal life and keep Julia's Junket for my home base business. I don't know what I was thinking!! I don't have the time for just one blog much less two. So in saying that... I'm sticking with just one blog.

For those of you that visit Julia's Junket for a peek into my personal life, I hope you don't mind seeing and hearing about my shopping trips and decorating ideas or my Shabby to Chic business. That goes for you too friends that visit me to see where I've been shopping and what I've found, I hope you don't mind seeing pictures of my family and personal life.

Well I've gotta run , Im going to the docter with my daughter in-law for her weekly visit. She is haveing an ultra sound done and I get to see my grandson today for the first time. Ya Me!!

Truely Blessed


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Kim said...

Does Christopher look just like you?