Monday, March 30, 2009

Warrenton Antique Days

Just as I promised.
Here is the beginning of my journey to
Warrenton Antique Days.
The weather didn't look like it would hold out
but it wasn't to bad.
We managed to make it to a few
great tents and here is the first
of a great and successfull shopping day.
Let me start with one of the most perishes spots in Warrenton
{Second Hand Charm
Charlene Abbott,Owner
The owner of this sweet spot is Charlene Abbett and she has to be one of the most talented artisan's in the pasture this year. She had a great set up and there was something for everyone.
Vintage Greeting Cards framed in pastale frames

Fabulous handcrafted bags elaborately transformed with vitage fabrics, trims of old lace, looped ribbon and adorn with vintage jewels
I don't care how long these sweet carpi's
have been around they never go out of style
thanks to the vintage fabric

If you would like to see more of what Charlene has to offer just visit here etsy shop at

I love these pillow cases.... So Chic

If your ever in the Katy, Texas area
go by and visit Charlene at
Second Street Antiques & Things
5614 Second Street
Katy, Texas 77493
Keep checking back for more great tents at Warrenton Antique Days

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