Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunday the Mommy and Daddy to-be where given their first baby shower, out of a series of three. They received some really nice gifts for Baby Christopher and we had a blast watching the couple compete at the baby food contest and diaper changing contest. Mommy To-Be before the shower
{8 months}There was great food
Can you remember how wonderful food tasted
when you were PG?I guess the cake bakers at HEB thought it would
be alright to leave out the H in Christopher
Who's gonna notice?She's a pro!
She even knows to sing and woo and awo
while changing a diaper
She finished in less than 2 min.

I gotta hand it to him, Daddy To-Be is a really a good sport

It never fazed him to put the pink blind fold on

and get right in to it.


Last.... Diaper

Looks like someone has been practicing.
Let's just say his timing wasn't as good as Mommy's but he didn't mind. He just let her know that she was better at changing than him and may be she should take care of that part.
Now it's time for the baby food tastingLeigh was telling her Mom that he was cheating
by looking at her paperHe looks like he's gonna throw upShe's having way to much fun at the sight of him getting sickHe says " You just wait until you taste this one"Small bites

Just remember.... things don't taste so bad when your PG
All in all we had a good time and they got some really nice things to take home for the baby
Love Nana

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