Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Its been hard letting go of the Shabby Chic Style ....
I didn't think that I could do it
but my DH gave me alot of support....
I love the Beachy Cottage Style
I've been having a great time
searching for the right items for our
Beach Cottage in the city

I found this vase at Good Will for 7.00

Chest ....found at GW for 24.00
Paint.... 5.00
Hardware.... 38.00
Total .... 67.00
I was shopping by Central Market
and saw a Chest very similar for 1700.00
Not Bad

The art is my very own photography
I found these wonderful dalphen at Hobby Lobby
They where marked 39.99
I saw a little damage on the base
I called for the manager
and asked what the best price was
for the damaged merchendise?
He did some figuraing and said....
how about half price....
I said .....
how about 15.00 even?

I wraped my old photo ablums with gift wrapping
I think it turned out pretty good

Here are some pictures from I love all the colors!!

1 comment:

Kim said...

It's coming together nicely. Just so you know, it's still shabby chic-only in blue/green LOL