Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He's In The Kitchen Tonight

My Sweetie covered dinner last night
Home made
"Pig In The Blanket"
The Pig has become a family Christmas tradition

I love a man in the kitchen

Look how clean and organized his is ....
I would have a huge mess by now

Here is a few pics of my kitchen....
the blue lid buckets are for the toffee popcorn
that I'm making today
I've got the ingredient ready for the popcorn...
In case I want to get lazy and not make it

That's my hunny's I Love NY cup filled with peppermint tea
The Santa face is Christoper's lunch time bib

Aren't they beautiful!!!
I wish you could smell them
Even Yada loves the smell

It's really starting to feel like Christmas

Calum is over whelmed and cant wait to bite into one of these beauty's
What a fest!!!


Kim said...

um yeah, food looks good, but I really think you need a couple more lights on that tree! lol how many strands of lights are on it? About 30?!

patty said...

Good to hear you made it back from NYC. Can hardly wait to see all the pictures you took and hear the stories.

Patty Kallus