Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I don’t know what’s up with me but I’m not my usual blogging self. I have been  uninspired and uninterested in posting lately. I can’t seem to find anything that seems blog worthy.
I know one thing for sure…
I spend way too much time
farming on face book.
I think I’m hooked. I have two really good books to read and plenty around the house to keep me busy.

I should be working on our 2009 taxes and going though all kinds of paper work but noooooo. I set at the computer planting crops and picking eggs. I need to find a cure to my madness.

I’m leaving this Friday for a full week at POC. There are piles of clothes to go though and box after box of stored items to decided upon weather to keep... sell or donated.
My dear friend Kim from
will be joining me on Tuesday, we haven’t decided what we will spend our time doing. We could craft... study.... watch even fit in some much needed beauty know those long awaited three hour naps we used to take when vacations where what they were meant to be. I have lots of yard work to do and I really need to get the rental ready for the spring vacationers. That doesn’t sound like rest and relaxation to me but just getting it done will be a relief. Bad news is, I have internet there and I hope I can limit my time on the farm. I would ask Kim to be my facebook monitor but she is addicted to her crackberry and I don’t know how much help we will be to each other.

Any way here are some random pictures for your viewing pleasure. I know most of you do not read my blog any way. I’m guilty of this as well, I have my usual places I love to visit and most times I just browse throw the pictures to see if I really want to read the store behind them. Later friends and hopefully I will be inspired after my vacation in Port O’Conner.


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