Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Part 4 Of The Bahamas

Hi There
I know I know
More pictures
What can I say ... I love to record our adventures
This is what our favorite snorkeling area  looks like

I wish the pictures could  tell you how beautiful these
fish really  are
There are hounderds of little fish you cant see

We come out here every evening to enjoy the sun set

The water looks shalow but its really not

It is a  great  snorkeling area

There are very colorful tiney fish all around the rocks

That's my hunter
We don't spear the fish around our snorkeling area
There is a pile of sunken cars about 50 yards out
The captain is hunting for more bugs ( Lobsters)
He also is trying to get over his fear of sharks

Not me!!!
I didn't go in any more after seeing this big boy in our
swimming area

Yes !!!!

Theres more than one

 Our host told us that they wouldn't both us


 He said they are scavengers not killers


After seeing the shark
 we spent more time
watching the sea than in the sea

I love this man


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