Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Day At The Beach

Hi Friends
I know....its been awhile sense my last post but we've been busy enjoying our summer here in POC
The Captain and I have had a house full of friends and family this summer and loving every bit of it. 
The week of our first tropical strom my nephew Nicky came for a visit. The weather was rain

 These are two of the most awesome kids I know
Quinn and Nicky
Quinn is my sister in-law Debbie's youngist son and
Nicky is my sister Anna's son

 These kidos belong to my best friend Kim
 Jack as a merman

 On saturday my Mom and Dad  went with us to Port A for the day
 My sweet friend

 I couldnt get a good picture of these two

 Kim's gang

 Poor guy


Well that was our day at the beach

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