Monday, November 28, 2011

Hi Friends

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving
We had a great time with family at my sister Yvette and her husband David's home
Here are a few pictures taken of the activity's

This is our youngist so Calum and his lovely lady Abby

This is our middle son  Aaron and his sweet girlfriend Amanda

 Joshua and Grandma Klesel

This was the "young adults table"

I love getting pictures of people shoving food in thier mouths

 Grandpa Cookie was really upset to get his picture taken because he didn't want to be made to set at the
 "old peoples table"

  Everyone had there camera phones out

It was Calums 20th birthday
Happy Birthday sweet boy

 Aaron & Amanda

MY Boys.....
They cant be good for the camra without giving me
somthing to laugh about

 Calum, Aaron and Joshua
 Joshua and Leigh
 Abby, Leigh and Amanda

 The girls arnt as silly as the boys
 Abby and Calum

  Christopher had a blast in the leafs

 After dinner there where all kinds of great conversations and of cours football

Will that was a good look at what was going on at the Martinez home on Thanksgiving
Be Blessed,

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