Thursday, November 15, 2007

I was feeling a little crafty tonight. I got this cute chest at the dollar store about 15 years ago. The ugly winter green was really in style back then. I’m not an artist! The picture is too close and you can see every mistake but I’m putting it at the top of my kitchen cabinets so you wont see all the little mess ups.I’ve been in the mood for PINK lately.

Here are few pictures of things around my house.

I’ll post more after I decorate for Christmas. My goal is to go pink all the way. I’ve been a very traditional person all my life, especially around the holidays. This year I’m stepping away form tradition when it comes to decorating. Last year no one wanted to help with the tree and when it was time to pack it all away again, no one had time to help. Soooo this year I tolled myself, I said self if you have to do this alone, you really should do it your way. Soooo, it’s going to be Pink this year. This aught to be interesting, ya see I live in the house with my husband and our two sons. What a HOOT this should be.

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Auntie Joy said...

Good for you go for it!!!
I have been gradually been adding pink around the house and for Christmas for several years, I feel the same way about if no one wants to help then I'll just do it to suit myself. They had a fit over no live tree, so I said you go get it set up and I'll decorate it... No takers on that one... I even made the announcement that if they didn't start "participating" then I was going to make other changes... They aren't too worried.
Have fun!