Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mom, Michelle and I were out and about today. Tamaria had an appointment for an ultrasound and the morning was a little stressful so we went and had a cup of strong coffee. I know it doesn’t make any since but there where a lot of things that didn’t make since today. After the appointment we went and had lunch at our favorite spot. I believe in feeding my stress as will as suppressing my fears and smiling when I feel like crying. I’m just a naturalist like that. I'm sorry about that. I’m just a little concerned about my Moms test results. Here some pictures of our morning.

The lunch was wonderful and I was in beautiful company

We started with some warm sour dough bread and real butter

Mom had a cold one

I enjoyed some confort food... Chicken pot pie

We ended the meal by shareing a peice of punkin cheese cake

Hope you had a wounderful day.

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Auntie Joy said...

Julia, thanks for visiting my blog. I loved reading yours. I had never seen fireflies until I visited Illinois when I was 20. They are so cool!! I hope things are okay with your mom's ultrasound. It is sooo stressful when we have to wait on results!! Can't those peole hurry!
Take care JOY!