Friday, January 18, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Rain Rain go away!!

I am such a spoiled Texan
It could rain on any day of the week, but why on a Friday?
It is raining and cold today its about 42 degrees but it feels like 42 below O for me.

Will the weather didn’t keep the Friday Girls at home.

Here are my Friday Finds for this week.

A couple of vintage hand bags
I love this vintage box

I think I'll use it in makeup drawer

These little pretties will work good for crafting
I found some beautiful vintage cards for my collection

I love love love this little basket bag
I have no idea what I'll do with it but it was only a dollar

This is the tag inside the bag, does anyone know what it might be worth? It doesn't really matter , it was worth a buck to me. yayayame

This is a pretty tin

I have little jars of glitter in it for now

I wounder what I could fill these little beauty's with?
Ideas anyone?

Now that I'm home for the evening and finished with my unpacking, I think I'll make me some hot coco, slip into my house shoes and wrap up with a warm blanket and get ready for some tv time.

Hope you all have a warm and dry week end

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