Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sea Side

I had a dreamy night sleep at our cottage in Port O Conner. There are no words that can express how much I love it here. We can’t see the water form our home but you can smell it and here the seagulls form our deck. I had my morning coffee in the warm morning sun while dreaming about the day I finely retire here for good. Things at home have been a little stressful because we are in the midst of selling our home and moving to Cedar Park. This is my escape from all the boxes and cleaning back at home. I have a lot of photos to share with you of our cottage. There are thousands of sea shells, everywhere you look there is something we have brought back from our outings on the beach.

Please dont look at the dust, it's just a week end cottage

This is Donnie’s lamp; I can’t say it’s my style however the fishing reel belonged to his father, so that makes it very special.

The beach we usually visit is about a 15 minute boat ride away and not too many people go there during the winter so the sand dollars are every where.

The picture of the light house was taken on Matagorda Island; the only way to get there is by boat however the trip is simply beautiful. You can learn of the History of the light house at

I love the dolphins that play at the dock , they almost seem tame. I bought these pretties in Mexico when we built our cottage over 11 years ago

Every time we go on a beach combing adventure, I seem to look for something different, lately broken shells have been catching my eye.

This little white boat hangs above our potty, its all about Donnie’s stuff.

I think the antque fly fishing reel is pretty neat.

Over 85% of the things in our cottage where bought form thrift stores, resale shop, garage sales or hand me downs.

I guess that’s one of the reasons I love it so much.

When my husband tolled me he wanted to buy a lot in Port O Conner Texas because thats where the fishing was the best, I said OMG there’s no grocery store, no Wal-Mart, no movie theater, no resale shops not even a real beach, nothing but fishing. My deal for him was OK you get to fish and I get a cottage. We’ve both been extremely happy ever since. Our sons have wonderful memories of summers of fishing, free diving, surfing, jet skiing, knee boarding, skimming and their first summer jobs. I think it was my best idea ever. Hehehe

A picture of a picture
Hurricane Claudette July 15, 2003
category 2

The eye of Claudette just missed our place and left our town with substantial damage; the public peer was demolished, many tailors where flattened and flooding of the lower town destroyed homes. Our home had no damage at all, not even a leek or a crack in the sheet rock. We hung this picture to remind us of how blessed we are.

I plan on going to Front Beach later this evening , I share more later.

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