Thursday, April 10, 2008

The sweet girl over at the Nesting Place
is playing a day dreaming game called “I wish I had a robot.” This sound like fun to me soo here it goes…. If I had a robot first I would give him a cutie name like Jacque.
Jacque would sweep and mop the whole house every night before bed so when I get up in the morning I could walk barefooted with out that sandy feeling on my feet. Jacque would clean up the boys breakfast mess and make perfect creamy coffee for me every morning. I would not allow him to make the boy breakfast because I think it’s important for the boys to do for themselves. Hehheheheheheheheheheheh
Poor Jacque would have to follow me all around picking up after me in the morning as I get dressed for my day. He would gather up all the dirty laundry and get it ready for me to wash, I can do the washing {how hard is it to turn the knobs on the washer and dryer?}However all the folding, ironing, and putting away would be his job along with the bathrooms. My robot would unload the truck after I went grocery shopping and put all the stuff away. I wouldn’t let him take the trash out because that is a REAL mans job. I would have him wash and clean out my truck everyday. I hate to change the sheets on our beds soooo that would be on his list of things to do. My robot would bath and brush the dogs every other day. OOO he would make sure the water and food bowl is full all the time for my sweet little girls, you know we girls have to look out for each other. Jacque would paint my toe nails until I can reach them my self. He would do all the filing and mail organizing and balancing our check books. He would also do all the yard work except for the fun stuff like planting and cutting flowers. Being that my robot would be the one Being that I spent most of my time with we would scrapbook, craft, watch movie and talk about the soaps together. Ohhhh He would find my phone for me when I have left it lay in some out of sight place. He would also read all of my books and tell me if I would like them or not so I would never ever have to say I can’t believe I actually finished that book.
What would your robot do for you if you had one?


The Nester said...

Awesome! Jacque how did you spell it? sounds amazing! I think my robot it a girl with a homely name like Beatrice. Kind of like Aunt Bea with none of her whining. Only my whining allowed around here!

Kim said...

What happened to Fabio?