Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sooo Meny Things To Talk About

Hay Girl Friends
I hope you are doing something fun today, its to pretty out side to just sit in front of the computer all day. Hehehe

I have a few things to share with you today. First let’s get started with Fabulous Find Friday. I had a fast pass day starting with joining my BFS in LaGrange to sniff out the fabulous finds at Second Chance.
We also went on to map out a few Great Garage Sales.
My Finds

This sweet little baby book is over 64 years old
still in the box....cost $2.00

Baby scrapbook .....cost $2.00

Blue leather hand bag....cost .50
I think I'll give this one to Emma( my sweet 7 year old niece)

Pretty in pink

another one for Emma


I'll keep this one and use it with my Baccalaureate out fit

......cost .50

At around 10:30 my DH took me hostage on a trip to Austin, apartment shopping. We found a beautiful apartment complex with a resort style pool, state of the art gum, shuffle board and pool tables, mini theater … sitting for 39 people and a cappuccino machine. The baby is very pleased with the place.( The Baby is 16 ) The apartments are only about 8 minutes from his school. I think that it will be like living on a resort for about the first three weeks. I’m just worried, being the nester that I am; it will be very difficult for me to call this place home for long. My DH has promised me that it is only temporary…Until I make MY mind up about what and where I want to spend the last few years before retirement. Reading this back to my self it sounds like I am a privileged and some what spoiled individual. I swear, I’m not at all. I’m just like you, I am the kind of women that only wears make up once or twice a week, I believe in saving myself form over doing on the laundry day by wearing the same thing around the house at least twice. I’ve made quick stops to the corner store wearing my pj’s…. and yes I have gone all the way to HEB only to realize that I have forgotten to put my shoes on. Any way about the rest of the day….After apartment shopping DH and I had dinner at a very nice place called Mikado off of 183 and Burnet Road. The food was fab but a little expensive.

Here are pictures of my dress and shoes that I will be wearing for graduation

I feel pretty

The shoes where found at Second Chance for only 1.00
I cant believe it was only 24.99
Also my out fit for Baccalaureate on Sunday.

Shoes found at a Garage Sale for only 1.00

I also got this dress for no good reason OK this is the reason

On a different note all together, I can’t let the summer start with out talking to you about how important it is to use sun screen!!! Yes I am going to get on a soap box about this because I am living with someone that is now paying the price for to many sun burns when he was younger. DH has had several out-patient surgeries in the past on his back and face for per- melanoma. Thursday he got a very small spot removed and sent off for further testing. I am showing you this picture, not to gross you out but to warn you to use sun screen.
I love all of you and want you to take care of your self.

Until next time

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