Saturday, July 12, 2008

Satisfying Saturday

I got up early this morning and set out to hunt for bargains. There where garage sales every where. I found a few things and had a nice morning.
This .25 cent crown will look just right painted creamy white. A large Yankee candle jar fits perfectly inside the crown.
I don't know what the original use for this jem was but I know what I plan on doing with it.

I'll post a after picture next week

.50 cent ring dish

3.00 mail file

I love the blue fabric , I think that this material will make charming pillows for our Port O'Conner cottage

The wooden bird cage was 2.00
and the sweet wicker table was only 5.00
I have some pictures of the apartment to share with you please keep in mind it is a work in progress.

Okay this bedroom looks a little sad but I'm still trying to make room for everything

will thats all for now friends

Hope you have a sunny Sunday

Blessed Julia

1 comment:

Alice said...

Wow, you found some great things. I love that little crown piece. You have so many pretty details in your apartment.