Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Water Fun

Hi All
I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. We had our annual Family 4th of July at POC. We played games, ate to much, played in the water, got to much sun, enjoyed fire works and simply loved being with one another. I have a hole lotta pics for you to smile at. Hope you enjoy.
I'm getting ready for the crowd to show up any minute

The gangs all here and the games have started
More games
I cant show you the pictures that where taken of me because there where parts of me that... lets just say I would have to put a rating on my blog.... LOL
My oldest boy and sweet girl friend and my grand dog Boe

Hot Guys on the Red-Nick Rivera

Making new friends
Can you tell they are brothers?
Boe and his Mom
I cant believe it... after all ,this is a family beach...
but there was some making-out going on

My little Sister and and her beautiful family

Sweetest little boy ever

Red-Nicks on the Texas Rivera

Babe Watch

She just might be ready for the Olympics

Maybe not
No... she didn't get hurt
After getting back form the beach , there is nothing as refreshing as an out door show... however some of us do it behind closed doors
Playing in the water all day makes you very hungry
We needed some down time before the fire works

Thank you Leigh for the pictures of the fire works
Some of us did'nt make it to the fire works

Every one tryed to get their kids to bed around 11:00
When your this tried , boys don't mind sleeping in pink
I hope you enjoyed the little peek into my life
Love your family with all your heart and live your life with all your family

Love Ya'll


Kathy said...

Hi Julia,

I love all of your photos, and your post was so cute. It looks like you had a wonderful time and a truly perfect day!


Alice said...

What great family photos. I can tell you all had such a wonderful time together. By the way, thank you for the memory snap about spoons. I played this game with my grandparents when I was a kid. It was such fun but I'd forgotten all about it.