Saturday, March 5, 2011

An Apple A Day

 Hi There
I hope you  have been enjoying this great weather? I've been keeping very busy around here.
For those of you that don't know I have been on the HCG diet in hope to get a jump start on bathing suit season. I started 15 days ago and I'm half way there. I've lost a total of about 11 lbs. The weight loss had stalled  so I had to do a apple day. Apple Day is when all you eat for a day is 5 apples. I love apples but I could only get 3 1/2 down. Yes that's all I had to eat all day. I lost 1 lb. , so I'm back on track...I hope.

 I cant believe it but I've lost about 30 inches  in all and 11 lbs.
March 1

March 5
A big difference in just a few days
I'm working on that spare tire next. lol


Leigh said...

You look AWESOME! I am so happy that its working for you! It's tough I know, so you are very strong to stay with it! Good Job! I can't wait to buy new suits!!

BIKINIS!!!! Ahahahaha.

Joshua Chadwick Klesel said...

I'm glad this diet is working for you guys, and also not breaking the bank like most diets out there yay! So keep it up. Love ya momma.