Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Good day Friends

It was a amazing weekend for me here in POC
Our middle son Aaron brought a few friends home for the spring break weekend.
I super enjoy a house full of Christ loving young people!!!
We took them out to Sunday Beach for a little fun in the sun and here are some pictures of our day

Sarah and Jackie

Kyle and Aaron
 The beach was just beautiful and the weather was really nice and warm
It wasn't warm enough for me to get in the water but it didn't stop the kids

 I followed them around for a while to get some good shots of there fun and I am amazed at what an amazing group of young people these guys are. It seemed like where ever they went they were fallowed by Gods presents let me show you what I saw

Aaron ... Sarah....Jackie and Kyle are all members of the same church and are in something called CNA, a college Christan group. I was really blessed to spend time with them this weekend. Thanks Kids and come back soon.

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