Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Christophers Second Birthday Party

Hi friends,I know its been awhile.
 I don't know why I haven't taken the time to blog in a while because it doesn't  really take that long and I love to share my life with you.
When I take time to get on the computer I usually go straight to facebook to see whats up.
Facebook is my sickness.
Any ways...
a lot has been going on around here...
first off I have some great pictures  from our grandson's BP.

Christopher turned 2 years old on April 5
I really cant believe two years have gone by
 My little singing biker

 His cuisines came all the way from New Mexico to give him their big hugs

 Can you see the love in those eyes?

 Christopher's mommy made the cake....She did an awesome job on planing this special day

 These are some of my favorite pictures...I didn't think that I could have a bigger love  than the love I feel for my Son's. Let me just say this little boy has got my heart skipping a beat.

 He got alot of great gifts....should keep him busy for about 10 min. lol
 He loved it when we sang happy birthday to him

My boys

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Leigh said...

Dumb wind!!! ahahaha. Love the pictures of him hugging the duck!